Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone wear tartan?

Tartan is a statement, signature or recognition of a family or clan. e.g. by wearing the McDonald tartan even though you are not of that clan one is making a statement for the McDonald's. Some people are collectors of tartans and wear them as a signature statement or as a fashion accessory. The only consideration is that the display and usage is in good taste.

Do I have to be Scottish to purchase tartan?

Tartan is commercially produced, the main producer being Scotland. Anyone can purchase multiple tartans with the exception of restricted tartans. (See restricted tartans).

What is a restricted tartan?

A restricted tartan is one that is registered and produced. However before sale, proof of identity will be required by the clan/chieftain before it is released from the supplier e.g. Maitland tartan. The Clan Chieftain will require proof from an individual that they have a legimate claim to wear it. Other restrictions may occur where the tartan is produced specifically for an identity or corporation e.g. Royal Family or Jackie Stewart Racing Team tartan.

My father is of European ancestry, however if my Great Grandmother was from the Gordon clan, can I wear a tartan?

Yes you can. You can wear the Gordon tartan with pride as your parents give you standing to wear your clan tartan.

I am about to get married, as the bride can I wear my future husband's tartan?

No. Once you are officially married you may wear your husband's tartan.

Can I wear two tartans at the same time?

Tartan protocols advise that the wearing of two tartans at the same is not acceptable.

Does Australia have State tartans?

Australia now has several registered State tartans. The Australian State tartans are accredited by the Premiers of that State, having been presented and accepted within the State Parliament.

I see that Australia has two tartans. Why is that?

Both are registered tartans however the Australian National tartan is the only tartan that holds full accreditation from the Federal Australian Government.

What does 'accreditation' of the Australian National tartan mean?

The Australian National Tartan has full approval from the Head of the Protocol Department for the Prime Minister of Australia.

What do you charge for postage?

We only charge the price of the postage that Australia Post charge us. For example 1 tie may cost $4.00, multiple ties may cost $5.50. Therefore if you purchase multiple items the cost of postage per item will considerably less. Overnight or Express post incur extra charges. We do not charge for packing or handling.